Rural Day Visit FAQ's

What does a home or farm visit include?

The visit normally includes a guided farm tour together with either a morning or afternoon tea or a lunch. We are able to modify the contents to cater for specific requirements, and tailor make visits as required.

How much will it cost?

The costs depend on the requirements of the group, and if a meal will be included. We are able to offer discounted rates to groups of 10 or more people.

What types of properties are available for visits?

We are able  to organise visits to most types of farms, such as sheep, cattle, dairy, crop, or deer farms. The type of farm will also depend on the region within New Zealand, as certain areas focus on certain types of farming. For example, the Canterbury region of the South Island is known for wheat and barley production, whereas the Waikato region is popular for dairy, cattle, sheep, and deer farming.

How many people are able to participate in a visit at one time?

Rural Tours has hosts that can cater for home or farm visits for groups of 10 -30 people at a time.

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