Technical Visits

Rural Tours arranges a number of technical and special interest visits for overseas government organisations and private companies. In additional to agricultural and horticultural visits, we arrange a number of other technical visits based around social welfare, education, and other areas of interest.

Technical visits are usually 1 hour in duration, however longer visits can be arranged at the time of booking. Each technical visit usually includes a tour of the facilities followed by a question and answer session.

There are a range of technical visit categories Rural Tours can offer you, including:


• Dairy
• Cattle
• Sheep
• Deer



Horticulture – Fruit
• Apple Orchards
• Citrus Orchards
• Kiwifruit Orchards
• Organic Orchards


Horticulture – Vegetable
• Potato Farms
• Onion Farms
• Carrot Farms
• Seasonal Vegetable Farms
• Flower Farms


Special Interest
• Federated Farmers
• National Bodies
• Schools or Universities

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